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In need of a knowledgeable lawyer who specialises in intellectual property matters, can help identify and exploit valuable IP you own, help you understand your rights regarding IP, and enforce your rights concerning its unauthorised use? Aditum Lawyers is here to help.

At Aditum Lawyers, we specialise in commercial law. Our expertise in providing a wide array of legal services empowers us to support you in various aspects of business, including intellectual property protection. Our highly skilled lawyers possess the expertise, commitment, and strategic know-how to assist you in navigating the most challenging IP matters with assurance. Your desired outcome is our top priority.

IP Services We Provide:

  • Trademarks: Protecting your logos, names, phrases, and brand.
  • Copyrights: Protecting your artwork, writing, music, videos, and computer programs.
  • Patents: Protection for inventions and new processes.
  • Intellectual Property Assignment: Facilitating the transfer of intellectual property rights.
  • Licensing: Permitting others to use your intellectual property.

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    Whether it pertains to fees, potential outcomes, or options available to you—our approach is always straightforward and forthright. We believe in providing complete information so that you can make decisions with confidence.


    We will work closely with you to devise an optimal strategy tailored specifically to your unique business needs.


    At Aditum Lawyers, we are fully devoted to meeting the needs of our clients by providing guidance, understanding, and unwavering support.


    Our primary focus is to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients through our unwavering dedication and expertise.

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    How Can An Intellectual Property Lawyer Help?

    Understanding IP

    In today's economy, Intellectual Property (IP) has become an important asset for businesses across industries. Even companies that may not traditionally consider themselves focused on IP ownership can possess valuable intellectual property assets. IP rights can hold significant value for your business, both now and when it comes time to sell the business.

    Taking Inventory of Your IP

    You and your employees have the potential to generate IP for your business every day. It is essential to assess the IP that your business currently possesses and to establish a strategy to protect any IP you generate. Maintaining an inventory of your IP can also prove advantageous if someone shows interest in acquiring your business, as this will allow you to quantify the valuable IP they would acquire through the acquisition.

    Protecting Your Brand

    Your business name and logo play a vital role in establishing your brand identity. Customers associate your brand with the quality of products or services you offer. To protect against competitors using similar names within your industry, it is advisable to register your trademark. A registered trademark grants you the exclusive right to use your brand name with the goods and services you provide. Trademarks play a huge role in safeguarding a business’s brand identity and are widely recognized as one of the most common and important forms of IP protection.

    Patenting New Inventions

    If you have created a new product there may be an opportunity to secure a patent for it. The process of registering a patent is complex and requires not only knowledge of the subject matter but also expertise in drafting patent applications. You must be able to define the essence of your invention and the extent of protection you seek, otherwise your application may not succeed. To ensure success, it is advisable to hire an experienced patent attorney to assist you in preparing your patent application according to IP Australia's requirements.

    Protecting Your Trade Secrets

    Trade secrets and confidential information are forms of intellectual property that can give a business a lucrative advantage over its competitors. As such, trade secrets and confidential information should be protected from competitors, business partners, and even your employees. To minimize the risk of your trade secrets and confidential information being exploited by others for their gain, it is crucial to include intellectual property clauses in employment contracts, partnership agreements, and other business arrangements. An experienced IP lawyer can help ensure that these agreements clearly outline how others can (and cannot) use your IP.

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