Intellectual Property

Protecting your ideas, brand and concepts

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind that can be legally owned such as:

  • trademarks
  • patents
  • copyright
  • designs
  • trade secrets
  • know-hows
  • domain names
  • brand names
  • software

Intellectual property can be purchased, sold and traded and is becoming more and more common in the wake of new technologies. Properly managing and protecting your intellectual property is crucial to the growth and value of your business.

Our Sydney business lawyers understand how important it is to protect intellectual property and are dedicated to providing you with a full range of intellectual property services.

Intellectual property services

Aditum Lawyers can assist you with:

  • Trademarks – protect logos, names, phrases and your brand.
  • Copyright – protect your artwork, writing, music, video or computer programs.
  • Patents – protect your inventions and new processes.
  • Intellectual property assignment – transferring intellectual property rights.
  • Licensing – permitting others to use your intellectual property under your terms.

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How can Aditum Lawyers help you?

Aditum Lawyers are dedicated to helping you in the way you need it. We don’t just take the time to understand you legal matter, but your entire business model and how best to work with you. Contact us today to discuss your intellectual property needs on (02) 8593 8326 or submit an online enquiry to get started.

Intellectual Property FAQs

By protecting your intellectual property rights you can ensure its value is maintained and that you receive the benefits resulting from any use. Failing to properly protect your intellectual property rights can lead to the loss of benefit from your ideas.

The peak body for intellectual property in Australia is IP Australia. This is a federal government agency and they are responsible for handling applications and registrations. They have many resources available to assist you in understanding your intellectual property rights. 

Depending on the type of intellectual property, you may need to register your ownership in order to enforce your rights. Patents and trademarks are examples where registration will be required to enforce your rights, however, copyright protections are applied automatically.

If your intellectual property has been used without permission or not in accordance with a license then you should contact Aditum Lawyers as soon as possible. Enforcing your rights as quickly as possible will be our main priority in order to minimise any damage caused.