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Aditum Lawyers is one of the highest-rated commercial law firms in Australia.

Operating nationally, Aditum Lawyers provides a wide variety of commercial and business law services, from drafting simple contracts and reviewing partnership agreements to disputes and litigation.

Whether the matter is simple and amicable or complex and litigious we're here to help, serve and protect our client's best interests and get them the outcome they deserve.

We understand you need a lawyer to listen, advise you of your best options and guide you through the complex maze of business law so that you know exactly where you stand and what your best options and course of action are from a legal standpoint.

Our goal is to provide you with access to experienced lawyers who will give you the expert advice, clear solutions and support you need.

No lawyer or law firm can guarantee a certain result, but we can guarantee that we’ll treat your matter with 100% effort, passion and dedication.

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About The Principal, Carlyon Ward

Carlyon Ward is an experienced commercial lawyer with a proven track record of outstanding results. He is passionate and driven to achieve the best possible results for his clients, regardless of whether the case is “big” or “small”. Carlyon knows that all legal matters are critical to someone’s future and therefore only the most skilled, committed and strategic approach is suitable.

Carylon has worked on thousands of matters over the years, ranging from simple contract reviews to extremely complex business and commercial disputes. Carlyon and his team also have extensive experience briefing some of the most highly regarded and recognised barristers in Australia, which has garnered an excellent reputation as one of the best-instructing solicitors in the state.

Carlyon loves what he does, and is driven to improve every day most importantly, he puts his client’s interests first and always strives to deliver exceptional service and results.

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